Opening Day

Because our lives are not crazy-busy enough, we’ve added Little League this year for The Boy. Today was opening day in our league and I dutifully packed my camp chair and headed out to the fields, presumably to be bored out of my skull and to freeze my arse off. That was not the case. […]

The grass is greener

  I had a flashback today. Through a series of unfortunate events, I’ve been without childcare this week. My plans A, B and C all failed and I’ve been juggling the demands of my full-time job, my kids and their schedules, plus all that other stuff that has to get done, like dinner, laundry and compulsively […]

An open letter to my studio cat

Dear Ron Weasley, I think that if this relationship is going to work out, we need to establish some ground rules. Firstly, my desk must remain off limits. I am a very busy person and I don’t have time to pick cat hair out of my paintings or rework smudges that look remarkably like cat […]


When I’m not painting, I’m either at my real job, or busy being a mom-chauffeur-housekeeper-cook. My kids don’t differentiate weekdays and weekends, rather – school days, mommy days and family days. Always working, always busy, always, always, always. Saturday was a rare day when we were all at home, all day. We decided to use the annual pass […]

If I could

Sometimes, I can’t believe I’m 30-szmmfrpha years old. According to my calculations, that means my life could be nearly half over…depending on if I take after the long-living Coburns on my mom’s side, or the Wehrlies and their poor vasculature on my dad’s side. So here I am, 36. Two kids. A day job that […]