This painting has been rattling around in my head for months. Months. Before Evelyn Evelyn released an album. Before I went to the concert in May. I knew exactly what I wanted to paint – an image as haunting as the album and its concept. My daughter and her big brown eyes would be a […]

Change of Scenery

Back in the good old days – say, April – my studio cat Ron Weasley kept me busy on a daily basis with his paint-water-drinking-watercolor-footprint-making shenanigans. He was content to loll around my studio, snuggling up under himself and leaving a wake of ginger-colored hair across every horizontal surface. Lately though, Ron has changed it […]

Girls Night Out. Girls Night Out.

Last night I stayed up much too late. I ate dinner in a quaint bistro with another grown-up. I bought cupcakes at a storefront that only sells cupcakes.  I went to a concert.  I got carded. It was  quite a night for my 30-something-Little-League-Mom self. My friend B and I went to Portland to see […]


Last Friday night I took my daughter to work with me. My day job is as a jill-of-all-trades Marketing Manager for a wellness center and they were putting on a spa/fitness event called World Beauty. I was the photographer. We decided to make a Girls Night out of it. We started off at the restaurant with […]

Studio Tour

Once upon a time I posted a photo of my studio in its cleanest state. Most of the time though, it looks a little more like this. Oh look, there’s a meditation pillow that’s been used for pillow fights more often than meditation (never.) And a water dish that my studio cat Ron Weasley refuses […]