L.A. or Bust

So anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter already knows a little something about this, but here is the whole story. I’m going to Hollywood. Okay, I’m not really sure if it’s Hollywood. But it is L.A. and it is for something Hollywood-related. The gift lounge for the MTV Movie Awards called and they […]


My kids are the messiest kids on the planet. Maybe it’s because they’re creative. Maybe it’s because they just want to send me to looney bin. Either way, I am constantly reminding them to pick up, clean up and straighten up. Today is one of those days when I feel like all I’ve done is […]

Girls Night Out. Girls Night Out.

Last night I stayed up much too late. I ate dinner in a quaint bistro with another grown-up. I bought cupcakes at a storefront that only sells cupcakes.  I went to a concert.  I got carded. It was  quite a night for my 30-something-Little-League-Mom self. My friend B and I went to Portland to see […]


Last Friday night I took my daughter to work with me. My day job is as a jill-of-all-trades Marketing Manager for a wellness center and they were putting on a spa/fitness event called World Beauty. I was the photographer. We decided to make a Girls Night out of it. We started off at the restaurant with […]

Chugweenie Muttitage?

The vote is in! Thanks to everyone who voted, commented, and ultimately helped me select CHICKENBONE JONES as the painting I’ll enter in the Mutt Lynch Winery Label Contest! He ran away with 51% of the vote. And just to clarify, as there was some discussion about his, um, muttness…his owner confirms that he is […]